Profiteers of Fear – The business of Swine Flu (ARTE 2009)

This documentary “Profiteers of Fear – The business of Swine Flu” by Arte from October 20 2009 shows the corrupt machinations of the pharma industry and how pandemics are invented to keep the coffers ringing. Since the same pattern is always followed, this film is more topical than ever in times of Covid-19.

A life-threatening virus seems to have been threatening mankind since May 2009. Since the first cases of the so-called swine flu were reported in Mexico, the world has been turned upside down. Every day more and more people are supposedly dying of the supposedly new virus. But experts and politicians like Wolfgang Wodarg doubt that this is true: “These viruses are no more dangerous now than they were last year. The WHO plays up the numbers and causes unnecessary panic. The decision for a pandemic was a nonsense.”