TWiV 641: COVID-19 with Dr. Anthony Fauci

YouTube comments:

“At the 4 minute mark: Fauci has known since at least July that most Covid “cases” are false. The US routinely uses 42-45 cycles, Fauci says any positive test above 35 cycles is a false positive. This is what the whole pandemic is based on – fake test results. Watch Fauci admit it.”

“So Fauci just admitted that the pcr test is causing massive amounts of false positives, most of the pcr assays are running at 40 or more cycles, this is stated in all of the documentation. Hence why So many are asymptomatic cases, they’re not carrying the virus at all or they have remnants from past infections. I guess there are many very smart experts on this channel so I am keen to hear what you think about this.”

PCR Amplification Cycles