Immunity for Bill Gates’ vaccine alliance GAVI

GAVI, the vaccination alliance founded by Bill Gates, enjoys immunity in Switzerland. Swiss authorities are not allowed to enter GAVI’s premises and employees enjoy immunity from arrest or detention.

All documents and data carriers are invulnerable at any time and anywhere. GAVI Alliance assets are exempt from any form of requisition, seizure or expropriation or any form of execution, levy of execution or other governmental enforcement action. Assets, income and assets are exempt from all taxes and fees. GAVI Alliance has the right to send and receive its correspondence, including media, by courier and enjoys the privileges and immunities of diplomatic couriers and diplomatic courier baggage.

The President of the Swiss Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga has awarded 30 million Swiss francs to the Bill Gates Impfallianz Gavi on behalf of Switzerland. The GAVI Impfallianz has in turn made a donation of 900,000 Swiss francs to the federal authority SWISSMEDIC. SWISSMEDIC is the Swiss regulatory and supervisory authority for medicines and medical devices. SWISSMEDIC is also responsible for the approval of dubious PCR tests in Switzerland, without which a pandemic would not even be visible.

The agreement was concluded on 23 June 2009. Only available in German language.

Link shows screenshot from the original document: