Samuel Eckert – Corona Late Show

“I hope that everyone here is fine with me posting so many videos. I don’t want to spam this forum, but so many things are happening. So here is a diffucult one – because this is an untranslated video from the most important young independent journalists in Germany, Samuel Eckert. With a group of statisticians he broke down the statistic of deaths for 2020 only from official europeen sources per age-cohort and percentage of population. That is the way he can show for every europeen country, that the death rate in 2020 has even been lower than in some of the last years before. Nothing to see of the so called pandemic. I guess that you don’t speak german, so you could look at the video bellow from minute 20:00. I thing that the diagrams work in any language, just look at the written text, it is partly in English. I think that it is so important, because this is the first time that has been done anywhere in the worl, in this is how you need to do it. I think that Samuel Eckert is Man of the Year (at least in Germany).”