COVID, les statistiques suisses tournent à la farce! Les preuves de la falsification s’accumulent

“Décidément, les équipes de M. Berset ont du mal à respecter les règles basiques de calcul.

À force de cumuler des biais grossiers dans les méthodes de calcul, pour arriver à définir le taux de positivité, les intentions réelles de notre dirigeant en chef deviennent suspectes.

Après le cycle d’amplification qui peut monter à 50 ; l’intégration dans les statistiques locales de la population transfrontalière qui vient se faire soigner en Suisse grâce à des accords parfaitement ignorés par les chiffres publiés, des statistiques hospitalières qui confondent les hospitalisations DUES au Covid avec celles de malades (y compris en fin de vie ou en grand danger) « accessoirement » testés positifs grâce aux fameux cycles honteusement élevés ; l’infection avancée de certains membres de la task force par les gros capitaux de la Planète finance ; voici une détestable découverte faite par le média alémanique

Nous découvrons dans l’article de un trucage de plus qui augmente artificiellement le taux de positivité calculé par les l’OFSP chapeauté par M Berset.

Le Conseil fédéral pratique massivement des tests Covid et les finance dans leur totalité. Mais : seuls les résultats positifs sont inclus dans les statistiques et les conséquences sont énormes.

Science in Pandemic Mode: The Strange Case of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force

“This overview suggests that the Task Force is hardly acting as a scientific advisory committee, conscious of the limits of its mandate, concerned about the complexity of public health issues (where even the best-intentioned measures can prove deleterious), and eager to demonstrate the greatest possible methodological rigor, by being transparent about both the sources it is using and the unknowns that still accompany the current knowledge.

It is also somewhat disturbing that these alleged experts in public health policy seem to give little weight to avoiding inflammatory statements, which end up confusing and frightening the public. For more than a year now, the population has been in a permanent state of anxiety and must face every day both alarmist media coverage and the undeniable weight of far-reaching restrictions, which have a considerable impact on private and professional life.

The profile of the Task Force, with its public interventions, is increasingly resembling that of a pressure group, whose aim seems to be to promote a given strategy, even if it means imposing it through a selective reading of “science”, and which seems to have no intention either of acknowledging its past errors of appreciation or of learning from them.

The Task Force has had more than ten months to show what it is capable of. The time seems to have come for the legislative power – whose silence has been deafening since the beginning of this crisis – and the people to ask themselves whether they wish to see this group of experts continue to exist and work as it has done so far.”




Martin Ackerman – Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force

by Gianluca, November 15, 2020

Bern, 20.07.2020 – The Confederation will continue to draw on independent scientific expertise from academic and research circles during the ‘special situation’ in accordance with the Epidemics Act. The FDHA General Secretariat and the Federal Office of Public Health have accordingly adapted the mandate of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force (SN-STF), which was set up during the epidemiological ‘extraordinary situation’. From 1 August 2020, the Task Force will have a new chair in Prof. Martin Ackermann, expert in microbiology at the ETH Zurich and Eawag. The present head, Prof. Matthias Egger, will continue to act as an expert for the SN-STF, but in future will be focusing on his work as president of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation and as an lecturer in epidemiology at the University of Bern.

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